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release of iphone 5

iPhone 5 release date is one of the hotly-debated topics in the cyberworld. It’s the next-gen iPhone, already somewhat confirmed to exist. Here’s more news on iPhone 5 release date, and on why it would not be out before late 2012.
From 4″ screens to dual-core A5 / A6 processor to an 8 MP camera – the iPhone 5 is surely rumored to bring you something very hot and stunning. When, is the question, for which we still do not have concrete answers.

Let’s take a look at some of the interesting things that happened and are happening as we speak – in the Apple world pertaining to iPhone 5.

In September last year, even before the release of iPhone 4S, a prototype-version of one future generation of iPhone was lost. There was an initial hype surrounding the news – especially since a similar losing of iPhone 4 Prototype resulted in the entire world knowing about Apple’s iPhone 4 plans. But the device was never recovered, it seems and we still do not know if it was a prototype of iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 that was lost.

Another interesting thing is the speculation from a wide-section of news reports – who constantly quote supply chain streams – is the design. First, they speculated a tear-shaped glass-design for the display. Then it was dropped. It resurfaced somewhere again but it looks like such designs are not yet on the charts. And that is because of an increasing speculation that iPhone 5 would be having a larger display – of about 4-inches. We heard Steve Jobs not being happy about the 4-inch displays which made iPhones a lot like Androids, but it just looks like a larger-display iPhone could be possible.

So we still wait for news on iPhone 5 release date. However, that doesn’t stop us from considering a few possible dates, events, and times.

Spring 2012

Apple has followed the pattern of releasing its iPads in March every year. Therefore, spring time is now being considered for an iPhone 5 release date. Seeing that the iPhone 4S was released in early October, an iPhone 5 announcement in April, would give the 4S six months of uninterrupted sales.

However, the iPhone 5 release date set for Spring 2011 may not give Apple an ample sales buffer between the 4S and 5, and even spoil things for an iPad 3 release, in its usual Spring launch.

WWDC 2012 – June

It is likely that WWDC 2012 could announce the iPhone 5 release date.

Many people are of the opinion that Sprint’s announcement to roll out their 4G network – and supporting devices – by “mid 2012″ indicates that a 4G iPhone 5 could launch in June.

October 5th, 2012

Though no one would possibly want the iPhone 5 release date to be almost a year away, it could be true as Apple has typically put at least a year between its iPhone iterations.

It could also be considered that Apple has not yet set a hard-line release date for the iPhone 5. The sales may dictate the schedule, and affect their decision from launching in June, or else waiting for October again.

Judging from some of the failed iPhone 5 release date prognosticators of 2011, it can be said that there won’t be an iPhone 5 release – or any iPhone release for that matter – in August or the first week of September as August is a terrible sales month for most industry segments including Apple’s. Here are 4 Important Updates on Apple iPhone 5 Features.

Following are some of the iPhone 5 release date updates which we come across from time to time through reliable sources.

Update (03-Feb2012):Daiwa analysts confirmed that Apple is to unveil the next generation iPhone in June at its next Worldwide Developers Conference at San Francisco. Read more.

Update (02-Feb2012): Latest reports suggest that the iPhone 5 features would include a near field communication technology or NFC which would be like a debit or credit card. Read more.

Update (27-Jan-2012): Recent report from Foxconn suggests that iPhone 5 production is on its way indicating an iPhone 5 release date in June this year. Read more.

Update (26-Jan-2012): Is A-4-inch iPhone 5 ready to come out this summer? Read on:

Update (21-Jan-2012): Is slimmer iPhone 5 release date confirmed? Find out more in details.

Update (14-Jan-2012): Latest news about iPhone 5 release date suggests that Verizon’s 4G LTE infrastructure problems may delay the iPhone 5. Read more.

Update (10-January-2012): Recent report from suggests that iPhone 5 release date is more popular than iPad 3 release date and Samsung Galaxy S 3. Here is a detailed story.

Update (28-December-2011): Latest report from BGR suggests that Apple may release completely redesigned iPhone 5 in Fall 2012. Read more…

Update (03-December-2011): The iPhone 5 release date has suddenly moved forward to March 2012 – according to report here.

Update (24th November): iOS 5.1 Beta Reveals iPhone 5. Here is more on it.

Update (24th November): Reports suggest that iPhone 5 release date rumored to be late summer 2012. Read more on that.

Update (19th November): iLounge reports that its very reliable source has got us some credible information about iPhone 5 release date, specs, and more news. Here is more on it.

Update (09th November): There are rumours confirming the iPhone 5 launch date being delayed due to the lack of the stability that Apple’s iDevices are known to come with. Here is more on that.

Update (21st September): Is Apple going to announce iPhone 5 on October 4? According to All Things D, Apple will held next big media event on October 4 to unveil the next generation iPhone 5. Find out more.

Update (16th September): Will iPhone 5 be completely redesigned? Check out what Case-Mate, a leading iPhone accessories maker says about iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S.

Update (5th September): iPhone 5 Launch Date – Now to be on the 21st of October??? Check out what recent report says.

Update (26th August): claims that they have received prototype images of iPhone 5 along with other part. Here is more on it.

Update (25th August): Steve Jobs resign throws iPhone 5 release date into question. Check out how Steve Jobs resign may affect iPhone 5 release date.

Update (24th August): Will iPhone 5 be A CDMA/GSM Dual-Mode world phone? Recent report suggests that next generation iPhone 5 will be able to connect to both GSM(AT &T, T-Mobile) and CDMA (Sprint, Verizon) networks.

Update (17th August): Is Apple planning to release much awaited iPhone 5 on October 7? Recent report also suggest that Apple will start pre-orders for next iPhone on September 30. Find out more details.

Update (11th August): One of the guys at ZAGG has posted iPhone 5 unboxing video. Is it fake or real? Check this out here.

Update (1st August): Is Apple set to launch iPhone 5 in October? Here find out what a new reliable source, All Things D says about iPhone 5 release date.

Update (28th July): Is iPhone 5 release date set to 5th September? Here find out more about what recent report says from Italian iPhone blog.

Update (28th July): According to the China Times, Apple is all set to launch iPhone 5 in the second week of September with an opening order of 4 million units. Find out more

Update (6th July): As per the recent report from DigiTimes is claiming that Taiwan based manufacturer, Pegatron Technology has received order of 15 Million iPhone 5s from Apple. Here is more on that.

Update (1st July): Another report from DigiTimes claims that iPhone 5 release date should be somewhere in October. According to DigiTimes, Taiwan-based companies have begun to prepare components for the production of the iPhone 5 along with iPad 3 for an October release. Check out more in details.

Update(29th June): Another iPhone 5 rumor says that Apple may launch iPhone 5 (probably iPhone 4s) in September. Click here to find our more on.

Update(14th June): According to 9to5Mac, next generation iPhone reaches to its final stage of testing for September release. Click here to find out more in details.

Update(10th June): Apple didn’t reveal anything about iPhone 5 release date at WWDC 2011. Find out why?

Update(6th June): What’s Samsung got to do with the iPhone 5 release date? Here’s news on how this might affect iPhone 5 launch date.

Update(5th June): Is iPhone 5 release date affected by battery supply issues? Recent reliable reports suggest that Apple’s appointed manufacturing plant of lithium ion batteries shut down due to recent quake in Japan. Find out more in detail.

Update(4th June): Brian White, an analyst for Ticonderoga Securities has analyzed that Apple is going to release iPhone 5 in September 2011, not at WWDC. Check out what Brian White has analyzed.

Update(17th May): Here is again a rumor about iPhone 5 launch date. In an exclusive talk with, a sales representative from UK based retailer Phones 4U said that iPhone 5 release date is moved to 21st November 2011. Here is further details.

Update(6th May): According to latest news, an AT&T customer representative confirms that Apple has informed AT&T not to expect the iPhone 5 in June or July 2011. iPhone 5 launch date may be pushed to September. Check out AT&T representative words about iPhone 5 release date.

Update(13th April): Here is again rumor that iPhone 5 release date is scheduled to September 2011 or early 2012. According to press note by Avian Securities, Apple’s next gen iPhone 5 should go in production in July and will be available in September 2011 that leading us to predict that iPhone 5 will not hit stores till late 2011 or early 2012.

If you are equally excited as me for iPhone 5, then following features could be major reason to wait for stunning iPhone 5.

It is also being predicted that Apple may release cheap iPhone. Stay tuned with us to get latest update about iPhone 5 release date. You can also join on Facebook or Twitter.

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